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The Cubs Fan Philosophy

Baseball season has arrived! I have been a Cubs fan for more than 20 years; I lived 4 blocks east of the bleachers on Waveland Avenue for nearly 15 years and to say that Cubs season was a season of joy for me is to understate the situation. Even when I wasn't at the field (I attended anywhere from 10 -40 games per season depending on the year) I could hear the 7th inning stretch being sung from my balcony. Heaven.

Have You Spent Your Entire Career With One Employer?

I have recently written resumes for several individuals who have spent long careers (20 – 40 years) with a single employer. None of these people had a functional resume before we started working together and most of them had not kept detailed notes about past jobs and accomplishments.

Summaries, Objectives, and Profiles

If you are a client of mine or read this blog with any frequency you probably know that I am not a fan of summaries/objectives/executive profiles or any of the other lengthy chunks of information that some people use to fill the first ½ page or so of their resumes. My reasons are simple: recruiters aren’t interested in subjective statements that represent your opinion of yourself and that are what most folks (and many resume writers) include at the top of the resume. In my opinion those sections are mostly a waste of space.

I Don't Owe You Anything

Normally I tend to write blog posts that attempt to be positive and informative. This is not one of those posts so if that is what you are looking for you should probably skip this one because it's a bit of a rant.

Translating Military Experience into Civilian Terms on a Resume

Happy Memorial Day! I hope that you were all able to have a wonderful and relaxing day and that you remembered that it was made possible by all the soldiers who, since the Revolutionary War, have been making sure that the U.S. is a safe and free country where we can live our lives in peace. I am very grateful to all the members of the U.S. Armed Services and, over the years, I have also had the opportunity to help many former soldiers to create resumes for use in the civilian world.

The Best Advice I Ever Received

When I was about 4 years old we moved from Houston, Texas to a little town called Cushing, Oklahoma which is where I spent the next 13 years of my life. When we arrived in Cushing my parents, of course, needed to find childcare and that is how Mae Troxell came into our lives.

Prepare Your References to Give You A Glowing Referral

A good friend and former co-worker of mine recently asked me to be one of his references for a CEO position for which he is being considered. Naturally I said yes. I know him well and can extol his virtues with ease so I didn’t give a second thought to what kinds of things I might say about him when asked. But then my friend amazed me. He sent me detailed notes about his potential employer, the position, short and long term goals for the company and the position, and the specific reasons that he is being considered for the job. Wow, was I impressed.

Leave Subjective Statements Off Your Resume

Are you someone who includes subjective descriptions of your skills, personal attributes or competencies on your resume? If so this post is for you.

How many people do you think would describe themselves as any one of the following?

Great team player
Strong communicator
Great leader
High integrity

Stay Engaged, Maintain Your Sanity, and Ensure Employability

It‘s not news that many people around the U.S. have been laid off and many more are concerned about job security. I was talking to my friend Scott Ingram about this situation the other day and Scott mentioned a great piece of advice that he gives to folks who have lost jobs: when you aren’t actively job searching use the time you used to spend working to volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to you.

Who Do You Think You Are Fooling?

Every once in awhile someone tells me what they want done with their resume and I just shake my head in wonder. I am referring to folks who think that with a little sleight of hand they can fool recruiters into thinking that their work experience, employers, or education are something other than what their resume says it is. The truth? You are nuts if you think you can really fool recruiters.

Here are some examples:

Example A

Liz Handlin on: