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Be Generous With Your Network

I graduated college nearly 20 years ago and since then I have witnessed many ups and downs in our economy. It has been my observation that when times are good some people are more willing to extend themselves to others than they are when the economy is not so strong. I have noticed this particularly when it comes to networking because I make it a practice to try to connect my clients and friends with any of my contacts who might be able to help them in their job searches.

Liz Handlin Named one of WE Magazine's 101 Women Bloggers to Watch

I am very flattered and honored to have been included in such an impressive list of bloggers. Thank you to Heidi at WE Magazine for selecting this blog for inclusion.

WE Magazine List of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch, Fall 2008

Does Your Resume Make You Feel As Fabulous As Your Interview Suit?

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who spent 2 weeks shopping for the perfect interview suit. She was scheduled to interview at a very white shoe investment bank for a senior position so she wound up purchasing a Chanel suit for the big day. And of course she had to find the perfect new shoes (Prada) and bag (Prada) to round out the look. She spent thousands of dollars on her outfit over the course of two weeks in preparation for this huge and lucrative opportunity.

So You Want to Join a Sorority (or Get a Great Job)...

Last year I wrote a couple of posts about how the sorority recruitment (which used to be called rush) can be a great preparation for post-college job interviews. Well it's that time of year again. Later this week more than 800 freshmen girls will go through the recruitment process with the 13 sororities at the University of Texas. Some of the girls will be relaxed and confident, others will be nervous, and still others will have family history and expectations to contend with.

Seven Things You Need To Know About Recruiters

I am always amazed at the animosity that many job seekers have toward recruiters. In some cases it’s justified because there are some slimy recruiters out there simply because there are no certifications or specialized education required to become a recruiter. Anyone can call themselves a recruiter and some of the folks who do are not particularly talented or professional.

Are Superstars at a Disadvantage?

I have been really busy recently but not necessarily because of all the dire news the media is reporting about the economy. Certainly some of my clients are in the financial and mortgage industries and have, therefore, been affected by current events but most of my clients are what I call “superstars”. Superstars, for the purposes of this article, are those individuals who for most of their careers don’t need to write a great resume because their accomplishments are so notable that they get recruited from job to job based on word-of-mouth.

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